Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions


The use of the Music-on-the-Line website is only permitted on the basis of the following general terms of use. The functions of the community can only be used by members who have registered for use. These general terms of use define the rights and obligations of the users (hereinafter referred to as “users”), the registered members (hereinafter referred to as “members”) and the publisher of this website, Music-on-the-Line GBR.

Authorized users / target group

The services provided on our website for users and members are intended exclusively for natural persons who have reached the age of 13. Every user who uses our website and every member who registers declares to be at least 13 years old.

Object of performance

The Music-on-the-Line GBR provides registered users of music-on-the-line with an online community for the mutual exchange of information and opinions. The services for members include in particular:

  • Activitystream profiles
  • Group memberships and discussions
  • Discussions on topics in forums
  • Private direct messages
  • joint event planner
  • Information area MotL Blubb
  • Marketplace MotL Market (integration of an external Spreadshirt Shop, via ide also the entire processing and payment transactions. In this respect, the terms and conditions and data protection regulations of the provider Spreadshirt are explicitly included here. https://www.spreadshirt.de/agb-kunden, https://www.spreadshirt.de/datenschutz)

The information on our website is of a general and informational nature only. Errors cannot be completely excluded. The member bears sole responsibility for any decision or action that the member makes or undertakes based on information received on our website.

Registration process / registration

Registration for the Music-on-the-Line Community takes place by filling out the registration form, which is offered on the website. The member assures that all information and information provided when registering and all information provided thereafter are truthful, complete and not misleading.

After registration, the user will receive a confirmation email to the email address provided, which contains a link to activate their membership.

The member undertakes to protect his password and his login data and to ensure confidentiality and is liable for any use of his password or his user account, even if this happens without his knowledge.


Registration with Music-on-the-Line is free of charge. The cost of the internet connection is borne by each user and member. We reserve the right to charge user fees for additional optional services or a premium paid. Such fee-based services are only used with the prior consent of the members.

Transfer of copyright usage rights

Music-ob-the-Line is entitled to use anonymized user content for the purpose of public relations for the community. For this purpose, the members grant the Music-on-the-Line GBR the right to use and pass on anonymized articles and comments. This does not include information that is exchanged as part of private messages.

Prohibited content and codes of conduct

The posting of illegal content is not permitted. Each member undertakes in particular when using the group areas and sending private messages to refrain from inappropriate, offensive or defamatory content, in particular:

  • untrue factual claims about people (especially those that defame social respect), insults
  • actions that can be sanctioned under criminal law (dissemination of certain pornographic content, racist statements, appeals for incitement etc.)
  • posting adult content
  • Violations of third-party data protection rights
  • the unauthorized publication of works protected by copyright (texts, images, video sequences, music etc.)
  • the violation of personality-related image rights, e.g. the publication of images of other people without their consent (see §22 KUG)

Music-on-the-Line reserves the right to delete inappropriate, offensive or defamatory content (such as posts, comments, photos) in order to preserve the purpose of the community.

Posts that members post and all private messages are written and published under the sole responsibility of each member. Music-on-the-Line does not endorse any illegal content.

Violations of the terms of use

A preventive check of the contributions of members for any violations of the law only takes place to the extent that Music-on-the-line has system-inherent formulations and terms that are not permitted and their use automatically leads to a message or to the non-appearance of the post / contribution or lead the news. Music-on-the-Line is not liable for the completeness of this list and the functioning of the system.
In the event of violations of the content and code provisions, Music-on-the-Line will take any technically feasible and reasonable measure after getting to know, in order to remedy a possible violation of the law. In addition, a check is carried out to determine which further measures to avoid corresponding legal violations are possible, reasonable and appropriate. And deise are then implemented promptly. These measures can be, for example:

  • Deletion of the content in question
  • a warning to the user
  • Exclusion of the user from the community
  • Deletion of the user profile

Disclaimer and recourse claims

We do not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information. The Music-on-the-Line GBR is in particular not liable for information, recommendations and data that are made available by other members.

If an infringement is found, all recourse claims must be made to the original infringer, in particular any legal costs and third party payment claims.


The termination of any chargeable offers follows the corresponding agreement. In addition, every user is entitled to delete their account at any time. A corresponding function can be found in the user profile. Should there be any problems, members can at any time notify their cancellation of the registration via the link to delete an account or by email to info@music-on-the-line.com.

Upon termination, the membership ends and access to the community is deactivated. A further access to contributions, messages and other content is no longer possible for the terminating member after deactivation.

Please note that your publications, documents and other information that you have shared with others, despite closing your account and deactivating it, will generally still be available to those others, especially if they have downloaded these publications, documents and other information or if these can be found in their inbox.

Subject to change

The Music-on-the-Line GBR reserves the right to update, change and expand the present conditions. If the conditions change, the members of the community will be informed about the changes in an email. If the community continues to be used, the new conditions will be deemed accepted.

If it turns out that one or more provisions of these general terms of use are or become ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Our website is aimed at users and members based in Germany. These general terms of use are subject to German law.

As of January 01.01.2020st, XNUMX