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We live music.

You too?

MotL connects everyone who loves and lives music.

Every musical direction and every genre!

Covid 19 is currently preventing us from meeting in person. So let's meet here!

Let's take a look at 2025:

In addition to you, thousands of music lovers, countless artists and bands, venues and organizers from around the world have discovered MotL as their music community.

MotL grows and grows. Because nowhere else is it possible to connect that easy and relaxed with like-minded people and fans, and furthermore keep yourself musically up to date at the same time.
Connect and exchange from anywhere and keep yourself musically up to date at the same time.

Without annoying tricks.
Music lovers are with their own on MotL.

We started.

Now we need you!

Take part! Create a profile, upload items and photos, fill the concert calendar (there are already many Corona catch-up dates). Everyone has their own stories and favorite singers to talk about. Tell us more about it! Share with us what music means to you.

Do you like MotL ?! Then invite your friends! Talk about MotL! With every new member MotL grows, gets bigger and bigger and is more and more fun!

THE chance to create something new and great together!

And much more:

Maybe you are a passionate concert goer? Are you collecting or looking for autographs and other items? Or are you making music and looking for a new band?

Participate in discussions, start your own topics, meet up for concerts, set up your own groups or join existing groups.

MotL offers a lot of possibilities and new features are added regularly.

Maybe you have suggestions and ideas ???

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Are you a musician? Solo or in a band?

Maybe everyone already knows you? Maybe you have just started?

Either way, MotL helps to reach current and new fans without wasting coverage, to present (new) albums and concert dates.

And maybe tell one or another background story personally.

Create your own artist profile, completely adapted to your needs. And link it to your website.

If the standard template doesn't quite match your ideas: we'll definitely get it!

Are you a manager, organizer or run a location?

MotL offers you a platform to present yourself, your artists and events individually and to let fans and music lovers know about it. There are special profiles that you can choose from.

Since we have provided some exciting features, you can also expand your target groups and attract many new fans and visitors.

Do we want to talk about how we can optimally design your MotL profile for you?

What is MotL BluBB?

Here we regularly provide you with exciting music news from our network or simply forward the artist or organizer information to you.

Or chat from the sewing box:

  • What's new on MotL?
  • Which famous artist has her birthday today? Date of death?
  • What kind of interesting concerts are coming up?
  • Are there any exciting newcomers?
  • What's special on today's date?
  • What's happening in the future?

Get involved and comment on our MotL BluBB contributions (e.g. make your own suggestions, ask questions, etc.)

What is MotL Market?

Here you will find great products with which you can support MotL + registered artists.

There should be something for everyone.

Check back from time to time, because the MotL Market offer is regularly supplemented and expanded.

What do the stars mean?

The stars on MotL reflect the energy that you invest in MotL. You will quickly find out for which activities you get how many stars. And then you can collect and collect and collect. And steadily ascend in the MotL Versum.

But you not only ascend, you can also move something with the stars and fulfill many a wish. Let yourself be surprised what we have come up with. And: the whole thing is so much fun that we always come up with something new.

So: up and away in the MotL Versum!

Cologne troop with big goals 🙂

The idea for MotL came to us one evening while drinking a cool "Kölsch" in the beautiful city of Cologne (Germany) ...

In the classic basic version, everything is of course free of charge for every user.

Our goal:

We dream of becoming the largest music community in the world. To create a place where you can exchange ideas about music.

Everyone can find like-minded people here and have fun together. Music is the answer that overcomes everything.

your MotL team


Participate + have fun